Ability to increase text size of the in Ride data

Not a fan of wearing my glasses on the turbo trainer and even on my large TV, find it difficult to read the in ride data (speed/cadence/time etc) at the top/centre of the screen. Could this be adjustable in size for those with less than perfect vision?

You might be better of with a smaller screen but closer to your bike.

This gets a vote from me due to Zwift running in gyms with an iPad or iPhone which are much smaller than big screens and with bouncing due to running, bigger numbers would be good as an option.


I been thinking about this problem but solved it by using the zwift companion app and having it close to me

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The Zwift App is clearly designed for use on a large laptop screen at close range. On any other platform, I tried (Apple TV, iPhone, iPad) there are major issues w/ legibility & layout that seriously impair my ability to view and use the most basic functions on Zwift. As a contact-lens wearer, I can read my TV perfectly well, but the screen of my largish iPhone 11 Pro is like microfiche. Trying to focus on wattage numbers while doing high-output intervals w/ salt dripping in your eyes was more challenging and painful than the workout itself.
Zwift needs to rescale and optimize their interface for each different device platform. I sent back a smart trainer purchased on Zwift because I have no desire to use the Zwift platform until it functions properly on iPhone and AppleTV alike.

Generally I’d love to see more customization available in what’s shown. Garmin cycling computers provide a really good example of this. In a race, I might care only about grade, power, and distance remaining for example. Speed? Who cares? So I want these things to be clearly visible.