new GUI for farther distance from tv monitor



   I bike from a distance of about 5-6m away from the tv and most of the lettering is too small to be seen.  Would there be a way to change the GUI so that it offered a way to see info temporarily (a few seconds) for riders (names and other info, leaderboards to show in a scrolling fashion the names in a larger font.  EX rider just in front and back be in larger font so we could gauge how much time, power and effort needed to catch or prevent being caught.

Probably waaaay down your list, but there is a community of visually impaired users that would benefit from a ‘large text’ option, which would also serve this request, I think. Where I work, as a federally regulated company we are required to build accessibility components into our interfaces. Probably not a constraint Zwift has…

Have you considered changing your display resolution settings or is that not an option for your setup?