New User, Can you menu font be any smaller?

I’m new to Zwift but can the menu font be any smaller? This is on a 75" 4K too

It feels like I’m on the last line of an eye exam

Seriously though can we increase the Font Size or have an option to.


Enjoying Zwift so far even though the experience maybe better with Trifocals.



Hi @Theo_Mellis

Welcome to the forum.

It may be time to move the TV closer to the bike or the bike closer to the TV.


To what specific items are you referring? I use a TV much smaller that that I don’t find anything on the screen hard to read, which the possible exception of the route profile within the minmap, but that is not a font.

Absolutely, that would be great.

It’s all very well people joking about moving the TV closer, but of course many people don’t have great vision, and putting a huge screen right in front of your face doesn’t always help.

Of course, the downside is it can compromise the design, and it’s possible - probable even - the UI isn’t built with flexibility in mind. Something based on HTML and CSS, or like the WoW Lua-based UI would be fantastic. We could resize the UI elements we need to, and hide the ones we don’t care about.


I was not joking. With a 27" screen with in arms reach I think the font could be a lot smaller.

I realized that not all setups are equal and sometimes you can’t move closer.

But I get your idea the the UI should be resizable then we could make it larger and smaller. Win win.

You probably have better eyesight than me anyway, but I have a 22" monitor on my Zwift computer, and although the w/kg in Riders Nearby isn’t unreadable for me, it could stand to be bigger. Alternatively, improving the contrast would help a lot.


The whiter 4.3 here is more readable than the others. I would hazard a guess these combinations would fail WCAG guidelines if Zwift were a web page.

As it happens, I had reason to load the Launcher just now:


That text in the event tiles is pretty small and not at all crisp. Hard enough to read for me, and although I wear glasses for distance, I don’t for computer work.

And I think the Launcher is a Web control, so that should be able to make more flexible more easily.

You may be correct. I usually read the forum posts on my pc screen while warming up and that’s a lot smaller than the Zwift game font. :sunglasses:

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I’m not saying we crazy giant fonts just a touch bigger is all.

There’s just as much dead space to the left of the main menu than there is menu.

Just just spread it out 🤷🏻

I’m really liking Zwift, diffinety will help me increase my miles with my current time constraints :+1:t2:

Not now there isn’t. :wink:

That screen will be changing soon anyway, there’s a new UI about to be rolled out. :+1:

I don’t have trouble reading the game, once I’m riding there’s not a lot of reading and I look at a 32 in TV , I consider this the minimum screen size.
I do have to keep a set of readers with my bike so I can use the companion app.

Did you solve this problem?

best to wait for the new UI which is rolling out although it has some serious resolution issues which i hope they are sorting before further rollout as things can get even smaller.