Very small font size

I’ve been riding the new workout mode, and … I can’t read the numbers on the screen… they’re way too small.

Just look at TrainerRoad and see how the screen looks like, especially on the new version.

The numbers for power, rpm, heart rate, target power, duration are very large and can be very easily read.

I ride about 4ft from my screen, but the numbers are so small, that I can’t read them… I would have to use prescription glasses to be able to read them 

I’m surprised at 4ft away, the numbers in Workout Mode for power, cadence, HR, are too small to read.  Is it the workout breakdown on the left that is too small, or the upfront dynamic display of what you’re doing? 

Here’s a screenie of my workout this morning.  The 239, 167, and 97 are pretty big…however the left side “6x30sec 340W” is faded and a bit small, I guess.

The colour of the breakdown matches your power zones, and I could imagine some colours not being as clear.  So I’m with ya there…