iOS iPad User Interface customisation

A newcomer to Zwift and so far it seems great! Having come from a standard trainer and effort based workouts indoors.

One improvement as an iPad user would be a customisable user interface, Most features are useful and in ‘the right’ place on the screen.

One that isn’t, for me, is the Map in the top right. On my iPad this is a course showing me and the other riders. This to me has no use and I would love to have a 2D profile view as i have seen on many Zwift screenshots (google search). The current 2D profile is almost invisible and very small for iPad.A bigger 2D course profile would help me gauge efforts on climbs and seems a lot more useful than a map showing where I am in the zwift universe. It would also be handy to move it to the lower part of the screen so it goes across the width.

If this is available and I am being blind, please someone let me know :slight_smile:

Many thanks

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