iOS app UI simplified

Really, the UI with all it’s nifty animations and astonishing environments does not really excel on a mobile screen…
Not when running with HR 175 bpm and effort tremor. At least to me, it gets just a blur.
An optional display, just like the map view in the Companion app would be great. (That is: Companion map only works when you use Zwift on another device. When taking a 30 min lunch workout in a gym where you can’t have a fixed installation, it would be neat not having to setup with a laptop but just start with the phone and have an UI where you actually can see the critical readings.)

Suggestion: An optional view with 3 equally sized boxes:

  1. Map view.
  2. Pace/speed, HR and cadence.
  3. Workout info, on going intervall etc.

Of course the social part is missing, but that’s all there in the original display.