Extend "Hide Display" Feature for Workouts

Hi Zwift Team,

first of all thanks for implementing the possibility to hide the display by a simple key stroke or touch of a button in the companion app.

Please enable the feature in workout mode as well.

Before the update I used the “minimal ui” option in Zwift-Preferences for my workouts. I used it because I like a clean view on my ride without unnecessary distraction. For making sure I hit the power target I used the companion app. All this helped me to stay focussed during my workouts, especially the intense ones.

Since the introduction of the new feature there is no way I can hide the display in workout mode anymore. I’m now beeing patronized without any benefit.

Thanks for considering.


I would agree with you @Aleks_Otasevic_HERD

I do a lot of long Z2-Z3 workouts and it would be nice to turn the HUD off for those.

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Yes Please! I noticed this behavior change as well and want to get back using Companion for workouts.


@everyone: if you feel the same and you would like to be able to train without the HUD again, please consider to vote for this thread. Who knows, maybe it does mean something to the Zwift developers :slight_smile:

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I think the thread should be “Fix the Hide Display Feature” and be in the bugs section.
Why is this not allowed in workout mode? If a user presses ‘H’ by accident, it’s not a calamity, the world will continue to spin. They just press ‘H’ again. Voila!
But if they pressed it deliberately they must have a good reason to do it right? Like for example they like an uncluttered screen and also have the companion app.
Zwift is overall such a high quality product that to see something poorly thought through sticks out like a sore thumb and does disservice to all the other good stuff.
Please just fix this!
At least I could work around it with zwift-preferences before, another very questionable feature decision to take that away.