Extend "Hide Display" Feature for Workouts

Hi Zwift Team,

first of all thanks for implementing the possibility to hide the display by a simple key stroke or touch of a button in the companion app.

Please enable the feature in workout mode as well.

Before the update I used the “minimal ui” option in Zwift-Preferences for my workouts. I used it because I like a clean view on my ride without unnecessary distraction. For making sure I hit the power target I used the companion app. All this helped me to stay focussed during my workouts, especially the intense ones.

Since the introduction of the new feature there is no way I can hide the display in workout mode anymore. I’m now beeing patronized without any benefit.

Thanks for considering.


I would agree with you @Aleks_Otasevic_HERD

I do a lot of long Z2-Z3 workouts and it would be nice to turn the HUD off for those.