No HUD in Workout Mode

Can we please have the option to switch off the HUD in workout mode? The screen is dominated by the GUI, and I have all the key workout data on the Companion App already.

I know this has been requested numerous times before, probably as soon as they introduced the “no HUD” option… but I don’t think we ever got an explanation from Zwift as to why it isn’t an option in workout mode? What is the theory or technical reason that we can’t hide the HUD during a workout?

Will it break the workout mode for some reason?

My vote x 1E10, please.

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To be exact on the same day. :scream:

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This does seem like a glaring oversight, doesn’t it?

And as a OLED TV user I like to disable as much static images as possible especially while blocks … like that’s been said we have the app to track workouts