Better user interface (especially menus)

Hello Zwift,

I have been riding recreationally for yers, but I am new to Zwift.
And as a seasoned professional User Interface designer I am SHOCKED as to how bad the user interface is. (Using the mobile App on an iPad)

I saw screenshots before and assumed that the look was deliberately a bit childish and wonky, but the navigation is also childish and wonky. Even after a week I still do not get the navigation.

The fact for instance that you need to hook up all your sensors and click Go, just to browse training sessions. Maybe I just want to browse what I will be doing tomorrow, not start a ride. It makes no sense. And once you did a session it disappears into thin air and you can only find it back if you log into the website…

Zwift needs to hire some professionals and give them some mandate to fix this. This experience does not fit a multi-million company!

I agree, and seemingly many others, as these posts pop up here and on other discussion platforms every few weeks.

Zwift doesn’t care though. Even the atrocious elevation graph, imo one of the most important ui elements in the game, doesn’t get fixed nor acknowledged that it is currently sub-par. Instead, they introduce new funny stuff like the post-ride screen that takes like half a minute to play its animation that you can not skip.

you don’t have to pair sensors to get to the home screen - you can just click through with nothing paired

If you use the companion app you can view your activities there.


Yeah, but it’s not that intuitive if your goal is to just jump into browsing workouts, and not planning to ride - the full screen pairing screen makes you feel as though you need to wait for pairing even if the “Lets Go” is sitting right there.

I kinda thought when they were re-doing the pairing screen that they would drop people automatically on the homepage when launching Zwift while the pairing defaults were being set-up with a non-modal indicator to show what is pairing by default. Then someone can decide to override what is paired by default or not if they want to use a different setup than last time, but they don’t feel blocked by the pairing screen right away.