Poor user experience


While the idea is brilliant and I have been enjoying Zwift a lot the implementation is far from perfect. If I have missed something, it just proves my point (that the user experience is poor) but some pointers/questions to consider:

  • why do I need to close Zwift after each ride?

  • why can’t I get to the challenge screen other than from the ride menu. I just want to log in and check my progress towards a challenge. I don’t want to start a new ride/workout.

  • why are there 2 windows - one when you first start Zwift, you then click on “Ride” and a second window opens.

  • The Menu Button should be accessible from the first screen (before I start a ride) so I can customise the rider, check the progress towards challenges, adjust game settings, etc. 

  • The menu should also have all the functionality that all the keystrokes do. In any other software, there is a menu with particular functions and keyboard shortcuts. As the name suggests, they are shortcuts for people who just want to do something quickly, the menu should still have all the functionality that the shortcuts cover. 

Why can’t I see my basic rides/stats on Zwift (why do I need to install Mobile Link)?

Again, I love Zwift, but the whole interface is very poorly planned/designed. A lot of functionality seems to be added as an afterthought. 

From all the thousands of subscriptions that you’re getting, please hire a UX consultant who will clean it up and please redesign the whole thing. Don’t add new functionalities on top of poorly designed interface. The sooner you’ll redo it properly, the less work for the devs. 

Please don’t get complacent just because you had a brilliant idea and no competition at the moment. 

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I think many Zwift users would agree with you.

I want to see my critical power curve without the need for riding, but at the moment you need to ride and end the session to see yours, which i find not user friendly.

Would it be naive to expect some sort of acknowledgement of the feedback by Zwift staff?

Although I agree with a lot of what you wrote, I still wouldn’t call it a “poor” user experience. I have seen a lot of cycling related software that was a whole lot worse than this. The user mechanics of events and setup are not ideal,true, but once I’m riding, it really doesn’t matter. 

I would forgo a pretty UI for a more functional, customizable one

I would just love dual screen support to be able to put the HUD elements on a separate monitor and to be able to configure them how I like them. 

Hi Matt,
Comparing Zwift (or anything else for that matter) with examples of worse practice does not automatically make it good. It is still poor.

Generally, i don’t think that pointing out and taking comfort in the fact that someone/something is worse than me/my product is a good recipe for success for people or organisations:)

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