Poorly design ZWIFT UI

I wish the director of UI reads this post and welcome this as genuine feedback for next major update. this is no BS or bashing.

Straight to the points:

  1. Main menu interface
  • There is no direct way to join participle event / meet-up, you must start the ride when wait for the pop up at the bottom left
  • there is no setting button to configure the “GAME” setting, you must start the ride, then click on menu to get access
  • there is no direct access to customise menu; you must start the ride --> menu —> My Garage menu. Imagine riding outdoor, what’s the chance of changing equipment or bike while riding outdoor for a regular cyclist.
  • there is an “Add Goal” button, which is least important, waste of main menu space; ZWIFT companion is the right platform to have this
  1. Event
  • Event is the main talking point for ZWIFT compare to other e-platform; however, direct access to event is missing at main menu;
  • you need ZWIFT companion to mark the event; then they will only shows on left upper conner. why?
  1. “Challenge” is hidden inside pause menu
  • who on earth need to check the “challenge” at the middle of the ride?
    this can be done at main menu.

I have used ZWIFT on Mac, PC, iOS. i understand the need of similarity across all platforms. However, the amount clicking to complete is a task defy the reason we have touch screen in the first place. When multi-touch took over the world, the killing feature is the intuitive and directness to the function, but, ZWIFT is killing it.

Furthermore, i can imagine, if you fix all mention above, it can help on your server workload, you don’t need a rider go into the “Game” , park roadside, just because the person wants to access to setting / My Garage menu. It saves lots of your rendering power at cloud.

Again, I sincerely welcome major UI improvement on upcoming update, take a look major game title, like CoD, Fornite, PUBG, FIFA, how they design the interface, how user can configure everything before get into the GAME. You select your gears before you go into war-field; not go into war-field, then only pick your weapons (please have some common sense here)

(I’m considering unsubscribe the premium as i feel humiliation every time i use this poor UI, i believe many share the same feeling)

Some additions I would like to add (not UI hehe)
When you’re doing fan view in races, the game doesnt show finish lines or qualifications.
I stream my races, but the thing is that I need a main computer with zwift and a secondary one with streaming software+zwift secondary account (doing fan view to my main character). My friends watching the stream can’t see the finish line and it feels a bit weird, because they only see me reaching for example 5 kilometers and me screaming: “wohoo, we’re done!”

Why don’t you just use your main pc for zwift and streaming, that is how all the guys that I know stream.

Because in my living room is my treadmill and my moms computer (that computer got wifi/bluetooth but it cant handle streaming+playing because of the low specs)
In my bedroom is my personal computer, that can handle streaming+playing, but doesnt have wifi or bluetooth.
So the only way i have is using main account on living room and fan view on my bedroom. Its a mess i know


There is a few things in your write up that is already there, like you can pic an event from the Zwift app,

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It’s not good enough
If I’m the boss, I will fire this UI team

Or they are lucky to not have Steve jobs like boss

If you look back over the forum postings for the last several years, you will see that there have been numerous suggestions like yours for improving the UI. (Everyone, it seems, is a UX expert these days.) The response from Zwift has always been deafening silence. I can’t see why anything would change now.

Oh, there is a rumoured UI update in the works, but apparently, it isn’t yet ready for prime time.

It seems the UI update is ready but so many updates have had bugs in them and Zwift is afraid a bug, even if temporary, might scare off new subscribers. Instead, expect a new Tour for May.

Well in the last few years we got may new roads we got event modules, we got race starting pens we got new worlds, We go Zwift on Apple telephones and on Android, we got Zwift on ATV all nice things that make Zwifting more fun, you send 99% of your time riding and only 1% interfacing with the UI. So it make sens that 99% of development go into the game and 1% into the UI.

If Zwift is afraid of a bug, then they haven’t done adequate testing. That doesn’t sound “ready” to me. Then again, Zwift has never done adequate testing before releasing an update, so why should that change now? They’re going to release the new UI before it’s ready. They’re just going to wait and do it later.

Sorry; this veers off-topic, but how do those things make Zwifting more fun?

Having more roads to ride is more fun than just one. :grin:

Yes, but that’s not what you listed above. I was wondering how added support for devices I don’t use makes Zwift more fun.

If Zwift don’t run on your device you can’t use Zwift therefore no fun.

Ah, so you’re talking about the aggregate amount of fun across the entire population. Got it.

Why bother responding to your existing users’ criticisms when there are still untapped pools of new users to reach?

It may back those day the development team has limited capacity

But with so many new subscribers due to Covid-19
I’m very sure it’s time to expand the team, make better.

Anyway, the poor UI is the fundamental error since beginning of design stage.

Lucky of common sense and refinement

Zwift please hire new UI lead

Everyday we have to gone thru hardware to learn something about zwift. The experience is not fine