Please Update the User Interface

I should be able to access the settings from the home page.

The Upcoming Events and Join Another Zwifter scroll wheels don’t sync with the drag of the mouse

The Guest World Schedule is hard on the eyes and has near 0 functionality. Tell me what day it is. Give me some info if I hover over or click a date. Some numbers are black, some are white, is it for visibility? Who knows.

Allow me to favorite premade workouts.

When creating my own workout, I can’t select and highlight any of the text boxes. Let me copy and paste and duplicate workout blocks.

Improve the optimization of screen real estate.

The Upcoming Events cuts off the titles and doesn’t allow you to hover over them to view. There are letters in circles, I have no idea what they mean because hovering over them tells me nothing.

Join Another Zwifter should add a filter.

Add a friendslist.

I’ve only used Zwift for an hour now, but I know it’s existed for years. It’s sad that this feels like a product that is still in alpha testing.

Edit: Another one, why are there more profile metrics available on the website than on the desktop program itself? You have access all of our training metrics, it would be nice to see them defined for users to benefit from.

Hi @Stephen_Andrichuk

Welcome to the forum.

I would say give it a bit more time to get used to.

Maybe it’s good for someone new to say this. It’s objectively bad. Just because you can ignore it, doesn’t make it good. And to make matters worse, you have to pay a monthly subscription, which in theory is for consistent support and development, yet after 6 years, it’s still poorly implemented.


To be fair @Stephen_Andrichuk raises good points. The last 12 ish months has seen little in the way of development of the game. This was apparently due to focusing on the new user experience. I totally appreciate that and expected Zwift to correct some of the points that @Stephen_Andrichuk raises but I can’t think of anything zwift had done to improve the new user experience. We’ve been around for a while and have got used to the clunky interface but it is so frustrating that I can’t do basic things after all this time. How many users have tried the free trial and given up because they find it difficult or to many clicks to access things. I’m of an older generation and am happy to work things out, but the younger generation have zero patience for these things in my experience and will just give up if things aren’t really accessible, really quickly.

The scrapping of the UI project last year was weird. I’m sure zwift are working on something big, maybe s complete overhaul because apart from the move into hardware, I don’t see anything that has justified the huge investments zwift has received.


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So I’ve set zwift up on both my iPad and my desktop.

Now if I use the companion app (iphone Xs), how do I choose user, pair device, or start a solo ride? Because as soon as I end a ride I get sent back to the start screen asking me to choose a user. Why is there even a companion app if I’m required to get off my bike to go choose user, repair my device, and select a new solo route or training workout?

If I’m wrong please tell me, I’ve looked over the companion app a few times now trying to get around this, and if it’s there it’s not obvious or I’m blind.

They should link all features to account and just get rid of the companion app. If you have zwift open on your phone and tv, or any other combination, they all should have full functionality, kind of like how spotify does it. This mixing and matching, half working fautes here, quarter working features there has no business being in paid software.

Edit: so I got the zwift app and compabion app on my phone along with the zwift app being open on my iPad.

On my iPad it’s waiting for me to select a route but Im sitting on my bike and don’t want to get off to touch my iPad. So I open up the full zwift app on my phone, chose user, pair devices and enter a solo ride. Now I can switch over the the companion app and it works with the zwift running on my phone, but the zwift running on my iPad, while I’m already logged in is just sitting there. Whats the reason for these not syncing together?

I don’t know what you guys do on Zwift.

I have Zwift running on a Windows PC with the screen on a TV mount in front of me.
I have the mouse on a mat on a table beside me with my phone running Companion App.

Everything works fine. I use mouse to control zwift on pc and use App to send ride ons, messages, join events etc.

Why do you lot suffer so much. :confused:


There’s your problem right there.

The thing about the Companion App is that it is a companion to Zwift, it is not part of the main app, and is not designed to replicate the functionality of the full main app, just provide the ability to carry out some things more easily while riding. It is not designed as a “remote control” for the full thing.

By all means campaign for Zwift to change that, but in the meantime, if you really don’t want to get off your bike to start a second route, and don’t want to position the iPad close enough to do it without getting off, why not invest a few £$ etc. on a Bluetooth mouse so that you can control the iPad from the saddle.

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For me there are some things in the wrong place in the game app.
The first screen let’s us choose which user we want to be and this feels right. We have to exit out of the app to change user and I suspect this is easiest way to ensure everything is sync’ed and loaded correctly rather than providing a way in game to change the user. I’m neutral on this aspect.

Once we hit Let’s Go and we get logged in we should have access to settings, be able to change our avatar, change bikes, buy bikes, view my badges, view/change challenges, etc. Counterintuitively, we have to start a ride before we can buy or change a bike or other items or view badges or update our profile. If this is all we want to do we also have to either skip or pair devices beforehand and we also have to be conscious of deleting the ride.

If I’ve enrolled in a workout/plan this comes up next. I’m not a fan of this. For pre-enrolled plans I think the plan workout(s) should be listed for selection (like a ride type,maybe?) that I can jump into directly. Events should be the same as well. If I’ve pre-joined an event I should be able to go to it directly. However, the feature where you can start a free-ride before an event is useful too.

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