The workout selection UI needs a complete overhaul

It’s just a hodgepodge mess of endless “dropdown” menus and sub menus with non-descriptive titles and random grouping. Then, when you do get to the workouts many of the names are non-descriptive. So your left having to look closer in detail at each one to determine what kind of a workout it is. It can take a long time to find a new workout. I end up using the same 4 or 5 I have saved or created myself because of this.

Workouts should be tagged for their length, purpose, TSS, time in zone, etc. The menu for finding training plans vs finding a one-off workout should be two separate things. Each with organized and logical groupings with descriptive titles, and a search function with filters.

Side note, many of the workouts are way overly complicated. That’s fine, I know some may like them. But I gravitate to the simple repeat intervals. Need more of the common, simple, bread and butter workouts everyone does and make them easy to find.

Hi @Cory_4337_H, welcome to the forums.

Zwift will be introducing a new UI soon (early 2022), I’m not sure if that will help with organizing and choosing workouts, but it may?


It would be nice to be able to save favorite workouts.
Right now, if I like one, I recreate it under a different name to save at the top.
Being able to save favorites and cut and paste intervals from existing workouts would be nice.