Custom Workout sub-folders are gone with new UI

I’ve been using custom workouts for three years during the winter.
I’ve got 174 workouts sorted into ten different folders, and soon I’ll add another for this winter’s program. I get two or three workouts a week, all with titles that make them easy to sort & find within a sub-folder, but not when mixed in with all of the others.
With the new UI, all them are somewhat randomly placed into one folder, without a good way to filter sort. It’d be exceedingly tedious to rename & sort them all. The old UI made finding a specific simple, with sub-folders & hashtags.
Of course I don’t need them all, but now & then person organizing my training program will ask me to pick an older workout, which will be in one of those folders.

Is this a known issue by Zwift tech support, and if so will it be fixed on an update?


It would be useful to also have a name box to type in a name, and a sort by drop down list, to sort by name or duration, or maybe also TSS. Another idea would be to have the capability to type in the exact duration instead of just the buckets. Then we could make our own workouts a custom length … 67 minutes or something, and they’d be easy to find. Sp, if we could type in 67 minutes, and then sort by name, we’d be good.

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Sort by Name is crucial and essential! Can’t understand why Zwift let this out.

never mind. we figured it out… go to Plans… then Workouts, then the old interface is still there, just a layer down now.