New UI: custom workout disorganization

You’ve removed my folders, and the list of workouts isn’t alphabetical. Maybe it’s ordered by creation date?

How am I supposed to find the one I want?

It is very horrible and not at all user friendly, hopefully there is work being done to make it better but for now it is a bit of a mess.

Actually, I realized that you can pick any workout at all, and that pops up the old, organized UI.

Never mind.

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yeah, the tiles really don’t work for workouts, there are just too many of them.

I think it could work with tiles for folders, but the tiles need to be alphabetized (or alphabetical has to be one sort option).

Agree- the custom workout tab is totally useless now. 300 workouts that had previously all been organized into sub folders are now all jumbled and I searchable. Shouldn’t have to use a workaround to pick a workout to get into a previous screen.
If it has to be tiles- then make them folders we can actually organize.

This doesn’t seem to bring up a custom workout folder anymore- the rest of the organized folders from zwift show up- but nothing that I would have made.
Any of other tips?

It’s there; it’s just not easy to find.