Custom Workouts Have Disappeared

I’ve been off the bike for a few days, so today is the first day using Zwift since the newest update. Unfortunately, all of my Custom Workouts are not showing up. Is anyone else having this issue and if so has anyone been able to resolve it? I had a ton of workouts saved and the thought of having to re-create them all is a bummer. Thank you.

Mine is missing too even though it does show in my Workouts folder where the software files are stored.

Actually found them… Not sure if this is where they were before the update, but the first workout appearing is “Custom Workouts”. Hit the arrow and see if they’re sub-listed in this section.

Thanks for the suggestion and glad it worked for you. That’s where they were for me before the update, so that’s where I looked for them after the update. Unfortunately for me they aren’t there, it just gives me the option to create a new workout.

Have you checked the actual folders on your PC in the “Workouts” folder to see if they’re in there? And/or do you have the old installed folder somewhere, where if they aren’t you could copy them to the new folder?