Help with custom. Workouts


I’ve recently downloaded some custom workouts on my PC, I’ve followed the instructions of putting the zwo files in documents, zwift, workouts, ID folder but they don’t appear in the customer workouts menu in game.

What else can I try?


it should be there after you restart Zwift.

Yeah I’ve tried restarting zwift but they’re still not there :man_shrugging:t2:

Strange, what did you use to create the workout, maybe there is something funny in your workout.

Are you talking about cycling workouts?

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I downloaded them from them whats on zwift page. I’ll have another go tonight. Yes cycling workouts

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Let us know.

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My custom files are in Documents/Zwift/Workouts

Not in a further ID folder.

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Sorted it now, I’d downloaded on my laptop and then tried saving them in a draught email which I then accessed on my zwift PC, zwift mustn’t have liked it. I downloaded them direct on my zwift PC and it worked fine. Thanks for the help :+1:

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i’m happy that worked.

Enjoy the training.

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