Custom Workouts gone!

Since new update, most of my custom designed workouts have gone completely. None in the old folder bar 3 or 4 . Ive searched whole zwift folder and they are all completely gone.

please can you resolve this as i spent a lot of time writing these

Im on Mac OS

Hi James,

Many users like you have already discovered that dropping workouts into their Workouts folder no longer displays these workouts in the in-game menu. This is due to a new change to how Zwift sorts and syncs workouts based on user ID.

To add new workouts to your sync list, you will now have to drop them into the sub-folder in the workouts folder that corresponds to your profile ID. If you are the only user on your device, the folder with only numbers as its name is your personal workouts folder.

If your device has multiple users, to find your folder, we suggest that you:

  • Log in to game and create a custom workout
  • Give this workout a UNIQUE name
  • Save and exit the game
  • Navigate to the Workout folder ID subfolders
  • Locate the workout’s name

This folder that includes your new workout is your ID folder, and the other ones belong to the other users on your device.

Hi there ,

Appreciate all of that but it wiped all of the workouts I created from the computer. I’ve checked all the sub folders etc completely gone. I’ve now saved all my workouts separated and copied them into the workout folder. This is a issue you need to consider on next update.