New Workout CloudSync with User ID Distinction

(Vincent W.) #1

Hey Zwifters!
Many users have already discovered dropping workouts into their Workouts folder no longer displays their workouts in the in-game menu.
This is due to a new change to sort and sync workouts based on your profile ID.
With this change, Zwifters will no longer sync every workout in the workouts folder on shared devices.
To add new workouts to your sync list, Zwifters will now have to drop them into the sub-folder in the workouts folder that corresponds to your profile ID.
If you are the only Zwifter on that device, the folder with only numbers as its name is your personal workouts folder.
For devices with multiple users, to find their folder, we suggest you:
Log in to game and create a custom workout

  • Give this workout a UNIQUE name
  • Save and exit the game
  • Navigate to the Workout folder ID subfolders
  • Locate the workout’s name
  • This folder is your ID folder

Thank you!

(T Gaertner (Handcycle)) #2

How do I sync from my ipad to Apple TV 4K? I created the custom workouts on my ipad but they don’t show up on the Apple TV which is what I run when on my trainer.