Custom Workouts on Apple TV-uploads

Are you able to upload custom workouts onto to Apple TV version of Zwift? I am able to do so for my iPad but the function doesn’t seem available for Apple TV?

If you load them on a platform like your iPad or a MAC/PC, then they will synch to any Zwift platform you use.

Thanks but I have successfully loaded onto my iPad but there is no custom workout folder on my Apple TV Zwift. I am using the latest versions.

Ahhh, right. Bit stumped then sorry, as it normally works. Double check that you have logged out and closed the applications on both devices and restarted them.

Hopefully others with ATV could probably chime in as to where the they see the Custom Workout folder (or validate the bug).

Suggest scrolling through the complete list. On my ipad the custom workouts folder is near the top but on ATV it’s quite near the bottom.

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