Accessing Shared Custom Workouts on Apple TV

Help please. My son uses custom workouts provided by his coach. We can’t figure out how to get them onto the Apple TV. We saved them to my computer (MacBook) and they show up when we log into his Zwift on the computer. But how to get them to show up when he logs into the Zwift app on the tv where his trainer is set up is beyond me. I’ve tried all the instructions I could find and can’t get them to load under “custom” workouts. thanks in advance

I load my custom workouts into my workout folder on my PC, then run Zwift on that PC.
When I open up Zwift on ATV, the workouts are there.
If I don’t run Zwift on my PC first, the workout won’t be on ATV.

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Thanks. That’s doesn’t seem to work for us.
I’m wondering if it’s because the lap top and ATV are both my Apple ID and the zwift is my sons?

That’s probably it.
Each of you should sign in on the laptop.
Then in you Zwift folder find each of your ID’s.
Load the workouts into each of your workout folders.
Start Zwift on the laptop, then close it.
Go to ATV, and the workouts should be there.

But he can’t sign in on my laptop because you can only have one Apple ID on a device.

The Apple ID shouldn’t matter. I’ve made custom workouts on my MacBook that’s logged in on my Apple ID and the workouts appear on our AppleTV which is signed into a family account.

can’t figure it out. Files are in iCloud within the Zwift folder under his rider ID. They still don’t show up on ATV.

I just added one that was immediately available on AppleTV for me. What I did:

  • on my MacBook: saved the workout file as .zwo file. Copied and pasted it to the workout folder in my profile (Documents->Zwift->Workouts->add to the folder that corresponds to my Zwift profile ID). Note this is not in iCloud, it stored locally on my computer.
  • then I opened Zwift on my MacBook, logged in and chose the workout from the Custom Workout folder and started a ride without bothering to pair my trainer (just to make sure the workout opened properly). Ended the ride and logged out of Zwift (make sure you log out I’ve had problems when logged into two devices at once).
  • went over to my Apple TV (which uses a different Apple ID than my MacBook) logged in and the workout was there in my custom workout folder