Some custom workout not syncing (64kb maximum .zwo size)

Im trying to get a custom workout onto my apple tv to use. I have it loaded onto my laptop, it functions on the laptop. When i go to my Atv or even my andriod version of zwift, there isnt a custom workout folder showing.


Hi @Sarah_Bilawski

Sorry to hear that your custom workouts don’t seem to be loading on your Apple Tv. First thing to look for is go through the whole list slowly to see if the workout folder isn’t located somewhere else. We’ve had a lot of members mention that it has moved much lower down the list. So going through the list thoroughly would be the first step.

Next step would be to log out of the app on the Apple Tv, making sure that the app is closed, and doesn’t get backgrounded. Then open Zwift and check again to see if the custom workout folder shows up. If it’s still not showing, try turning off the Apple Tv (unplug from the wall for at least 30 seconds, then plug back in). Once back on and running, open the Zwift app and look for the custom workout folder again. You can also try uninstalling the app and reinstalling the Zwift app on your Apple Tv to see if that helps.

If it’s still not there, please reach out to us as there is additional troubleshooting that may be needed.

I’m having the same problem. My workouts are in the right folder, they sync up on my laptop but not on my apple tv. I have shut down and restarted the apple TV several times with no luck. Very frustrating indeed.

I learned, with a bit of embarrassment, that there is a folder with my zwift #, and within that, a workout folder. This was where my workouts needed to be placed. Once I did that, all worked quite slick.

Alright. The solution seems to be to delete everything in your documents/zwift/workouts/user folder. Load up zwift to see if there are no custom workouts. Close zwift, move your workouts back into the folder and start zwift again. There’s no logic that works in my head for this but that’s how I fixed it.

Never mind. My previous solution doesn;t work either. I can’t seem to get the same workouts on apple tv as I have on my laptop. Help! I can’t figure out the logic around this.

Did you confirm that your workouts are going in:

Documents\zwift\workouts[your zwift ID]

Then start zwift on your laptop…
Then start ATV… i rebooted the system completely

I messed up the folder location and that was my issue…

Yes, absolutely. I was on with zwift support for a couple of hours. No solution yet. Something is messed up but it’s not clear where. We essentially delete and uninstalled everything problem continues

Very annoying. I do hope you can get it resolved. This is a cool feature when it works

I have the same issue too.

Also zwift, can you fix the remote/workout screen so you can easily scroll and select a workout. It is dreadful at the moment.

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Having the same problem. Workouts synced last year, created a new workout a month ago and can’t get it to sync on apple tv app. Sucks, because I only ride my custom work outs on Zwift.

Hi. Same issue with my ipad…
Nothing works to make it sync.

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Hi folks,

If your custom workouts are working just fine on the device where you created or imported them, but aren’t syncing to another device, please double check the size of the .zwo file for the workouts that won’t sync. Custom workout files are simple text files, so they shouldn’t be too big, but currently anything around 64Kb or larger will not sync across devices.

If you imported some custom workouts and now no custom workouts are appearing on any of your devices, please join us on this thread.

I created a workout in Zwift on a laptop and that workout along with workouts I have created and used in the past are not showing up on my AppleTV now. I tried all the steps above.

I have the exact same issue…

Habe the same problem- no Sync between mac and atv

Ditto. Tried everything, created on my iPad, will not sync to any of my 3 apple TV’s, all newer models.