Custom workouts not appearing in Zwift, not syncing to other devices [April 2023]

I am unable to use custom workouts on my profile. When I create or import them they do not appear. I created a ‘test’ profile which I have tested on the same devices. The custom workouts work perfectly. There is therefore an issue with my Zwift profile which needs to be repaired but I am unable to get anyone to assist. How do I resolve this?

If there is a ERROR in the workout file it may not show up.

The files are perfectly fine. Zwift have admitted that some profiles have bugs resulting in custom workouts not working. I have been told to be patient and wait for the fix but I have already been waiting for months. Rather sad as I have been a loyal customer for years.

Can you post the context of the workout file so we can test it on different systems

The problem is bigger than that. Some users are unable to sync custom workouts from their PC app to their iOS devices. Zwift is aware of the issue but has not addressed it as yet.

Has anyone managed to get this to work?
It seems that they have a bug (told by a Zwift agent) which only affects certain accounts. This is rather annoying as there is no ETA for resolution. I have created a test account where everything works fine but I want to keep my current account which I have been using for many years.

Please don’t post multiple times about the same issue.

I at least found that solution. A bit complicated but at least I can use my workouts: Importing Custom Zwift Workouts to your iPad | PB and Jen

Thanks Martin.

I had already tried that - the issue is with my profile (account) which has a bug. I think it’s something only Zwift can sort out. Thanks so much for the help.

Did you post the workout text so we can check :white_check_mark:

Does the workout work on the windows pc?

Nope. It does not work on my account on the pc. I created a new account where all works perfectly fine. There is a bug with my account which Zwift needs to resolve.

That doesn’t sound right. A workout has nothing to do with the account.

I am so confused now and interested to solve it.

It does have something to do with the account. If you put a custom workout in the folder Documents\Zwift\Workouts\<profile ID>\ it will be uploaded to Zwift, you should see something like this in your log

path C:\Users\<user name>\Documents\Zwift\Workouts\<profile ID>\AnaerobicRide_AIEndurance.zwo size 1467
CloudSync ---UploadToCloud OK AnaerobicRide_AIEndurance.zwo
path C:\Users\<user name>\Documents\Zwift\Workouts\<profile ID>\workouts.files size 283
CloudSync ---UploadToCloud OK workouts.files

Then if you use another device, that workout should be downloaded from the server, you should see something like this in your log

---CloudSync::FindCloudFileID workouts.files
SaveActivityService::SaveActivityFromDisk local activity file not found

One thing you could try is to delete the <profile ID> folder (the one which doesn’t work) and rename the test folder (which works) to the ID of your account, then you can at least know that it’s not a client issue updating the file workouts.files.

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But he said the workout don’t work on windows that makes me think there’s something wrong with the workout.

Thanks for the advice. I tried deleting the folder in my broken and account renamed the other one but it still doesn’t work. There must be a bug with my account. I never installed Zwift on my laptop until recently. Previously my ipad worked just fine but the custom workouts stopped working many months ago.

The workouts sync to my ios devices when I place in the file of my new test account. There is something wrong with my usual account.

They work on the pc with my new test account only.

And if you search for CloudSync in your log (Documents\Zwift\Logs\Log.txt) after using the problematic account, do you find something?

Based on your report (works with new test account but not with usual account) it really sounds like a server side issue.

Yes, Cloudsync is not working.
The text is CloudSync —— bad xml

Try to open the file workouts.file with a text editor.

Maybe you are obtaining a corrupted file from server.