Transfer Custom created workouts to Apple TV

(Uday Chopra) #1

I use an Apple TV for Zwift and I don’t see an option to create custom workouts. I can however create workouts on my laptop; so I would love the ability top create a custom workout and transfer it to my online profile so I can use it on the Apple TV.

(Vincent) #2

This should now be available via Cloud Sync in the newest update! :smiley:

(M) #3

Is it possible to create a workout with the Web application?
Users who have only AppleTV can not create custom workouts.

(Uday Chopra) #4

How do I activate it?

(Vincent) #5

Your custom workouts automatically sync by placing them in your custom workouts folder. Here’s how:

(Vincent) #6

Correct, you can’t create custom workouts on Apple TV but you can create them on PC/Mac and then sync them to Apple TV. :ride_on:

(Ragnar Johnsen [Be]) #7

But, how do we sync them? The workouts in custom workouts folder syncs automatically between PC-versions, but nothing appears on the Apple TV.

(Sophie Girolami) #8


I too would like to know how to sync .zwo files between Icloud and Apple TV.
Do we need to save those files in a specific folder on the iCloud drive?


(Jesper) #9

The sync does NOT use iCloud drive.

You can either 1) create a custom workout in the Windows PC/Mac/iPad version and it will sync to everywhere else you run Zwift (in this case the Apple TV) via the Zwift servers OR 2) you can drop a .zwo file to the custom workouts folder on a desktop computer and run Zwift on the desktop computer to make it sync the custom workout to the Zwift servers

(Sophie Girolami) #10

Thanks! I can confirm that this works perfectly! :slight_smile:

(Martial) #11

I need your help! I create a workout on my Ipad but this workout was not sync. I mean, it 's not appear on the custom workout of my Apple TV nor Iphone
Thanks in advance