Transfer Custom created workouts to Apple TV

I use an Apple TV for Zwift and I don’t see an option to create custom workouts. I can however create workouts on my laptop; so I would love the ability top create a custom workout and transfer it to my online profile so I can use it on the Apple TV.

This should now be available via Cloud Sync in the newest update! :smiley:

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Is it possible to create a workout with the Web application?
Users who have only AppleTV can not create custom workouts.

How do I activate it?

Your custom workouts automatically sync by placing them in your custom workouts folder. Here’s how:

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Correct, you can’t create custom workouts on Apple TV but you can create them on PC/Mac and then sync them to Apple TV. :ride_on:

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But, how do we sync them? The workouts in custom workouts folder syncs automatically between PC-versions, but nothing appears on the Apple TV.



I too would like to know how to sync .zwo files between Icloud and Apple TV.
Do we need to save those files in a specific folder on the iCloud drive?


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The sync does NOT use iCloud drive.

You can either 1) create a custom workout in the Windows PC/Mac/iPad version and it will sync to everywhere else you run Zwift (in this case the Apple TV) via the Zwift servers OR 2) you can drop a .zwo file to the custom workouts folder on a desktop computer and run Zwift on the desktop computer to make it sync the custom workout to the Zwift servers


Thanks! I can confirm that this works perfectly! :slight_smile:

I need your help! I create a workout on my Ipad but this workout was not sync. I mean, it 's not appear on the custom workout of my Apple TV nor Iphone
Thanks in advance

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Is this method working yet? Ive done the same thing - made the workout on PC, now trying to get it on apple tv / iphone…

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Web application is the best way to run it as one can easily open it.:slightly_smiling_face:

Hi there. Did you find a solution to this? I’m the same. Workouts sync across all my devices except Apple TV which is really annoying as this is the main device I use for Zwift!

Hi. I havent used Zwift for about a year, but as i recall this started working ‘automatically’ after a few updates after I posted this. Try to figure out if u are using the right folder etc. and I think it should start working.

Thanks for replying :slightly_smiling_face: I’m wondering if it has something do do with my Apple TV constantly logging me out and that it takes a while for accounts to sync to Zwift servers when I log back in… I’ll keep investigating. Thanks again

Yesterday I was trying to run my custom workout on my Apple TV but it didn’t appear. This is the first time that it happens, but it was really annoying and frustrating and I’ve try several times to run it. I had to run the workout through my phone app (I always create my workouts there) but that is very uncomfortable for me. Any idea of what happens? I’ve just create my workout for today and I don’t want to run it through my phone.

hello, I found a solution. Take the training and make a copy and modify it slightly. Then it should appear on Apple Tv. What I realized is that a Zwo file does not work on Apple Tv, only on the computer. However, when you creating a copy is like it becomes a custom workout create from Zwift and not import.

I hope this will work for you.

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Not sure where to look, maybe someone could help? Did not see a place to create a custom workout on Appletv…where can I find that to do? Thanks.

Hi @Colin_Berry_3R_B

No you can’t on ATV. But you should be able to do it on mac or Windows and it will save to your profile and will be on ATV when you log in.

See this: