Custom Workouts on Apple TV? Yep, if you have a Mac on the WiFi Network

I have used Zwift on my iMac to create custom workouts, originally to be shared with my Zwift group. Since I knew that I can’t create workouts on ATV, I was surprised to see my custom workouts in the Training list on ATV. The ATV is at most 15 feet from the WiFi router connected to my (late 2009 iMac). The ATV is joined to the iMac’s Apple group.

I’ve used the trick to create and modify workouts that are fully functional (or flawed, but that’s my fault) on my ATV. Zwift DOES NOT NEED to be running on the iMac – ATV accesses the *.zwo files.

This access does not seem to run from the iMac to the ATV.

So, has anyone else been able to share Zwift files between a Mac and an Apple TV?

A bit confused by these contradicting statements:

If you create workouts on your iMac, they’re saved to the cloud. Your iPhone, ATV, etc., should all be able to access the workouts in Training menu. For example, I can see workouts on my phone that were created on my Macbook. I will double check my Apple TV and report back.

A while ago, Zwift started storing each rider’s custom workouts on their servers, and making those workouts available on other devices.

So workouts I’ve created on a PC are available on my iPhone, for instance.

I’ve been really reticent about using iCloud, probably because I suspect I’ll get billed for something I don’t use. That said, as H.L. Menken used to reply in letters to the editor, “You could be right.”


When I said “cloud”, I was referring to the Zwift servers, not iCloud. :wink:

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