Custom workouts on Web

There needs to be a way to create workouts on the zwift website. Zwift is now no longer compatible with either my pc or tablet.
So just apple TV or phone which can’t create custom workouts. (or more importantly can’t import custom workouts)
At least allow us to import custom workouts into the website to sync across as it does on a PC.

Maybe helpful?



Thanks, a lot of those are custom too. (or at least the ones I wanted to do to rehab from injury)

Just seems a massive oversight on their part.

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Zwift automatically syncs workouts that are created in Training Peaks. The workout creator is available with the free version and the workout creator is quite intuitive. There are a few compatibility concerns to be aware of since Training Peaks supports different types of workouts than Zwift does but all of that is covered in this article.

Thanks, I’ll take a look, but it really should be a core feature for zwift

Here is a Editor:
May help you

aloha and run on

Thanks, alas I have no way of getting those workouts onto zwift on my apple TV. Need to have a compatible pc or a mac. Even my tablet is too old to run zwift :pensive: