Managing Custom Workouts

Hi - It would be great if you could manage custom workouts (and existing workouts) from the web portal and then have them available when you log into any set up (Apple TV, PC, iOs etc). This seems like the simplest way to manage across multiple device set ups and allow you to build workouts when not on your home PC.

To be honest I’m really surprised that this isn’t how it’s set up and was sort of assuming it would be when I invested in a set up with the Apple TV in January. (The Apple TV being extra painful as there doesn’t seem to be anyway to import any custom work outs at the moment)

Been suggested a few times and there are improvements to the website coming that may include this feature.

I totally agree with you Christian. The Custom Workouts feature with Apple TV is pretty poor at the moment. I hope they’re able to sort it out soon. 

At the moment I’m putting together workouts using a free Training Peaks account and then doing them on Zwift.

That’s all good and well but - as I’m unwilling to pay for Training Peaks purely to create Zwift workouts on it - it means I can only set one workout at a time and have to recreate them EVERY time I want to use them (excuse the exasperated uppercase shouting please). 

I put together dozens of Custom Workouts on our PC but, with Apple TV, can’t use a single one of them. It’s very frustrating. Fixing that would be a big boon.

Another agree here. I’m really regretting moving to Apple TV at a time when workout sharing seems to be taking off and I’m doing more workouts than ever before. 

I agree, too.

I’ve been using Dropbox to save my workouts and, with Training Peaks, things became a little easier, but we all now this isn’t the best path.

Yes, please update so that Apple TV has the capacity to run custom workouts created on PC.

I completely second this request. I design my workouts in my Zwift version for mac and then want to access them through my apple tv and can´t. It´s very frustrating especially after investing in the whole setup including apple tv. I understand if workout creation can only be done in a personal computer, but the resulting workouts should be able to be accessed across devices. Please fix this as soon as possible.

I was very surprised that the custom workouts are not shared across devices. Just like activities and data are shared across devices once the user signs up, the custom workouts should follow the user. Hope there is a fix for this soon!

I know that this is not going to answer the Apple TV problem, but if you want to create a Zwift workout while not on Zwift you can use this site