Apple tv + custom workouts

Guys my wife gave me an apple tv 4k as an early Christmas gift.

I’ve been using my android phone up until now and I’ve been making my own custom workouts using a pc, then selecting them on my phone’s zwift app. I have about 20 that I use.

Can someone help me find these custom workouts? All the other workouts are there but my custom ones are not.

If you’re logged into the correct account then there should be a custom workouts section in amongst all the other workouts. I use Apple TV too and I see this section. Are you sure you haven’t just missed it somehow?

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Perfect mate!

It wasn’t on it yesterday when I first tried it. I had actually called it a day until I seen your message.

Reconnected it all today and my custom workouts were all right there!

Must thave required re-syncing.

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