Workout syncing - flaky

(Joseph Paterson) #1

Hi there,

I’ve been very excited about the new workout syncing feature, as I typically create the workouts on my mac but use Zwift with my Apple TV 4k. When the feature was first announced it seemed to work, but the last few days I’ve been unable to get it to work.

The process I usually use is create the workout on, save it to my Zwift workouts folder on my Mac, startup Zwift, close it and then it usually appears when I launch Zwift on my Apple TV. Today this hasn’t worked, and I tried creating the same workout directly on Zwift on my mac, but still no joy.

Is there something specific we need to do in order to trigger the sync? I noticed initially that the workouts menu seemed to lag quite a bit on first startup, presumably because the syncing was happening.

Hope I can get some assistance, thanks!


(Vincent W.) #2

Hey Joseph, sorry for the confusion! Although you may have been able to sync earlier, syncing from Mac/PC is currently off until a later update that should come sooner than later.

(Joseph Paterson) #3

Ok thanks for the reply!
If I were to get the workout on my iOS device, would it then sync to my Apple TV? In the past I’ve manually put .zwo files into the Workouts folder on my iPhone to use them.

(Vincent W.) #4

It should sync but reply here if there’s a different result!

(frank Andreasen.VTri[DBR](D)) #5

suddenly i could see a workout on my iphone that was only on my laptop so i guessed YES now it works but when i check on apple tv i cant se that workout but then i see 30 other workouts with a headline Gravel that i have no idea where is coming from ???

any idea when this should work ??

(Vincent W.) #6

Hey @frank_Andreasen we’ve had a recent update that should have fixed some cloud syncing issues. Except with sub folders on iOS. Has this new update helped any?

(Joseph Paterson) #7

Just speaking for myself here, but for at least the last week I haven’t had any issues with cloud syncing, it’s been rock solid :ok_hand:

(frank Andreasen.VTri[DBR](D)) #8

still doesnt work for me :frowning: i have tryed to delete zwift from all devices to get a clean install and then put 3 ZWO files in the workout folder on my windows pc but somehow onle one of them appear on my apple tv and the other 2 never shows up ?? last week none of them showed up