No (synchronized) custom running workouts @iOS device

I’ve created custom running workouts via TrainingPreaks. I can see all the workouts in Zwift MacOSX. But on my iOS device (iPhone) there are no custom workouts at all!? Since Zwift recently announced, that all custom workouts (including running workouts) are synchronized beyond devices I don’t understand why I can’t see any custom running workouts on my iPhone. I used (no) folders - nothing works… Any help/suggestions/workarounds/solutions? Running workouts @macOSX are useless, when you are doing your workouts at the gym’s treadmill. There must be a way…

My training peaks workouts have stopped syncing in the last 24 hours too. I’ve not changed how I do it either. so they are “Titled/named” and on the correct date - and based off duration and FTP. I have also checked that my Training peaks and zwift account are connected. So I am at a loss as to why this has stopped working

Any suggestions?

Hey all, thanks for the heads up! Investigating this.

Edit: @Tom_Jacques are your workouts not syncing to iOS as well?

@GER so TrainingPeaks workouts that sync/download straight to Zwift do not cloud sync to your other devices. You will have to download the custom workout, make it into a .zwo file and then place it in your custom workouts folder.

@Tom_Jacques TrainingPeak workouts are syncing on our side on both the newest release and our test builds. Can you try unlinking from Training Peaks, closing Zwift, then relink to TrainingPeaks with a new workout for today? Then open Zwift and see if it syncs.

@Vincent W. you didn’t get the problem. I have no option to bring a TP-Workout (yes, as a downloaded .zwo - file) to my iOS device (iPhone). I place it in my custom workout folder, and I can definitely see it on my Mac, when I use Zwift running mode (on the Mac), BUT in iOS the running workouts won’t even appear - there is just no “CUSTOM WORKOUTS” - folder “in game” (compare to screenshot) - although the custom workout folder (with the .zwo workouts) in macOS is completely there. Please help… My issue is: How can I get the .zwo running files to my iPhone. My primary issue is NOT if it (does not) work(s) with(out) zwift cloud syncing.

Did this ever get solved? I’m having the same problem where Ride workouts sync fine to my iOS devices but I can’t get Run workouts to synch. HELP!!! I’ve followed the advice provided in other online forums like ensuring that I’m including a workout title, also ensuring that there is a Duration in the workout. I’m on the latest version of the software and my internet connection is solid 80mbps.

TrainingPeaks Run Workout Not Synch Downloading with Zwift Run

Resolved it. Just be sure when your Custom Run workout is created in Training Peaks Workout Builder, that “Distance” is selected instead of Duration. You can’t seem change the workout after the fact, so any Duration based workouts will need to be rebuilt as Distance.
DistanceBased-Works DurationBased-DoesNotWork