Zwift workouts - loading custom workouts to iPhone?


Setup is iPhone for Zwift, however I have a Mac with Zwift installed that I could create workouts in, but it’s graphics are insufficient to provide smooth video during game play (I used to use the mac until the iOS app came out).



I want to do workouts created by other users which I can download online, but I want to do them on my iPhone. I’m looking to do programs similar to the Trainerroad programs, but in Zwift and without running Trainerroad and Zwift at the same time.


Can I download workouts and load them into my Zwift account so I can complete them on the iPhone? I don’t mind if I have to do the downloading on the Mac etc, I just have to be able to execute them on the iphone (I’m so over using the Mac for Zwift with the poor range of ANT+, the dropped signals at the pitiful 720p at 16 fps  I had on the Mac).



We don’t have a feature to make workouts tied to your account yet, but you can manually move the workouts to your iOS devices via iTunes by following the instructions on our knowledge base.

Jason, thank you, I’d missed that section of the knowledge base. I’ve just successfully uploaded some workouts.

I saw reference to a calendar, is there a way to load my next three months of TrainingPeaks workouts into my Zwift iphone app so that they are on a calendar and I can just see which ride I’m meant to do each day?



Hi Jason… i was able to follow through the steps until step 5. I won’t let me add a folder. Has this changed recently? Can you please provide an updated instruction to add the workout on itunes? Thanks

I’ve just tried to upload 3 custom workouts and have failed at step 5 also. Any update on this please? Many thanks.

Agree with previous comment. Doesn’t allow you to drop a folder.

I confirm that it works. The only thing is missed in the guide is :
When you go to select a folder to add (and replace) you must drag &drop from file explorer and remember to press ALT when you leave folder over the previous (to replace it).


thanks and have a good personal workout !

Thank You Fabio!!!  solved my problem.  was getting frustrated trying to get the workouts into zwift. drag and drop the alt key was the ticket for me.  

Very many thanks Fabio, this had been driving me crazy too! Step 5 as you have described works perfectly!

Well done !! Have a nice Personal Workouts by the iPhone or ipad or AppleTV. :muscle:t2: