Workout sync

I have use multiple devices and when using my iPhone 6s I can’t create custom workouts. Is it possible to add a sync custom workouts thru your account so that if I create a workout on my laptop it syncs to the others devices I log onto.

We have planned a seamless solution that will sync these across devices, but right now the only way to do it is to be somewhat familiar with computers and use iTunes or a 3rd party tool and copy files yourself.

Our friends over at ZwiftBlog have written up a helper article just for this reason:

The workaround of copying is very cumbersome. I would like to synchronize via iCloud or Dropbox.

Thanks, Jon.


Do you have a planned date for rolling out synchronisation?


Similarly rides don’t sync when using multiple devices. For example if I use my iPhone today and then use my iPad tomorrow, the totals km’s is not synced between devices. Is this fix due to be released?

So as I understand it, if you don’t have a Mac or PC, you can’t have custom workouts on an iOS device?