"Cloud" syncing Workouts

Ive looked through the options but im still stuck…

Ive downloaded a few really good workouts from “whats on zwift” made by the tri247 guys. I took the .zwo file and put it in the correct folder on my PC, and it loads up on my zwift account on the PC (this was all really easy).

However when checking on my apple TV (what I use with my bike to zwift) only 2 of the workouts have come across, the other 5 or so havent updated / synced - is there a way to force sync / update, or is there a reason why some didnt come through?

Also who do we ask to get the workouts a little more organised? Im sure there are plenty of good ones already in zwift, but its a little hard to sort them (especially with the apple tv remote!)
ie Id love folders for short reps, low cadence, spinning, long reps, FTP advancer etc etc

Many Thanks