Custom workout creation through the website

I want to be able to log in to my account from a computer without the Zwift App and create a custom workout.

I run Zwift through an Apple TV, which does not allow for custom workout creation. I want to be able to use a separate computer (without the zwift app installed) to create a custom workout.

(If this is already possible I would love to hear about it)

You can use this site to create workouts.

But you will need a device to upload it to your Zwift app.

Thanks Gerrie! That is a decent work around, but as you pointed out it still requires opening the zwift app on a device other than my tv.

My grander vision is to have access to everything but riding through a website portal. Garage, workouts, etc. But that is beyond the scope of this initial request. I use my work computer for most everything since I am always on it, but downloading zwift onto it is frowned upon by my IT department. Being able to access my account through the website would help.