Sorting workouts

I would love to be able to sort workouts by time and/or stress score. I don’t adhere to any particular training plan - I just search through the workouts until I find one that fits in my schedule and looks fun.

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Hi Drew, 

We are constantly improving our workout mode and you will be able to sort your workout, however this is low priority so it will not happen in near future.Thank you for understanding, stay tuned and in meanwhile RideOn! 

Thank you

I also really want this. I love the workouts in Zwift. I use them every ride. Like the OP I generally have a workout *time* and *type* of workout in mind. Right now I have to expand 20 different workout categories (each with lots of subcategories) to find an appropriate workout.

Please do this.

me too

I have so many workouts on there now

would be great to sort by time, zones, etc. 

takes forever going through one at a time to find what you need

I end up giving up and picking anything.