Choosing a workout

I don’t know if I’m the problem here but I find it way too complicated to choose a workout. First you choose the type and duration, then you have to select a workout, out of many presented and seem to be different from the type you chose at step 1, and finally select Watopia or whatever route. I’m probably forgetting 1 step here. Why is it more painfull than it was in the previous version (last year) of Zwift. And if you’re using AppleTV, it’s a nightmare.

I don’t think it’s just you. I often find it easier to just go back to old UX (by selecting a workout), and browsing the UX from there.

I’m usually looking for a specific workout, let’s take “The Swift” (a sprinting workout with a set of max effort sprints) as an example I delt with not long ago. Here was my process to find it.

I look in the under 60 min category because I think it’s a pretty short workout, but it’s not there, so then I think maybe I was wrong and it’s in the 60-90min category, so I check there - it’s not there either, then I forget if it was initially part of a training plan, or if maybe it was in the Athlete-Inspired section - because it was named after an athlete if I recall correctly, so I look there, but it’s not there. Then I don’t bother looking in the plan sections because those are too many to dig through individually, so I decide to give up and go to the All Workouts section and sort by difficulty. It’s sprint training, so a set of full gas sprints, and I feel wrecked at the end of it, so I figure that’s at least “hard”, so I go to the “All Workouts” section and filter on ‘hard’. It’s not there, so I try ‘very hard’ it’s not there. So then I start scrolling the entire list of all workouts, which takes forever (since alphabetically it starts with “T”), and I finally find it - classified as a 1/5 difficulty, pretty sure anyone who’s done it didn’t feel like it was a 1 of 5 after the max efforts in it.

Anyhow, there are many things they can do to improve the navigation (enable search, better filters, favorites, better tags, better metadata, better categorization, etc.)

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I had the idea of selecting the workouts I’d like to do regularly, click on the icon next to the workout to go to customisation screen then just save it as it is. Then it goes into your custom folder at the top

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I get the idea. But, to begin with, selecting something in Zwift, with AppleTV, is a real nightmare. Add to that the fact that the people at Zwift seem to be very talented at making things complicated.
Unfortunately, it is such a nightmare that don’t even try anymore to go for a training. It worked better in the previous version of the game (last year).

It really isn’t that hard click across the top screen to workout click custom folder with all my favourite workouts in select one and a route to ride takes about 30seconds. If you can’t spare that how are you doing a 1-2hour workout

Perhaps it is not so easy with Apple TV?
Don’t know, for me not a problem (PC).

I only use Apple TV. As I suggested above if theres a few workouts you like and use regularly just tap on the modify button then save them and they will move into the custom workout folder which takes all of about 10seconds to access on apple