Zwift interface needs to be changed

its not clear for a new user how to do a training together with teammates .
the interface should be more straight forward .

i would suggest selecting with who I want to ride, and where befor I start a ride.
same for events.
also - Garage before I need to connect to my trainer and start a ride.
the entire interface should be inverted

There is a new UI being worked on and it will be released to AppleTV first and then all the other platforms after that. No date has been given for the change.


I’ve been using Zwift for the past 3months whilst on lockdown.
Thing is, why is the UI so bad? When so many rivals have it sorted, it seems odd.
Why is key information regarding hill profile and direction of travel crushed into a corner?
I don’t know if the creators presume all users have access to a massive TV but I rely on a 15"laptop screen infront of the bars, and sit focusing on the %incline as the profile is unreadable. Other apps have this feature spread across the bottom of the screen.
I understand that “real-world” riding doesn’t give this information either, but generally hills are easier to spot …

Nice one