The UI - a little rant

So I’ve been subscribing for 2 months now, after a trial early this year. Getting the hang of it, doing mostly TrainerRoad workouts while cruising in Zwift in passive mode (TR controls the trainer), and a weekly group ride I’m starting to really enjoy.

But the UI - whoever came up with this needs to use the product somehow…

You open the app, suffer through the 500 typos, misspells and bad translations in French, and land, after selecting the sensors, in “the screen” - the place from which you decide “what am I going to do”. Which world, which course, a workout or not, the works. Somehow, someone decided that at this stage, having access to “the Menu” - parameter setting, bike/avatar selection/customization, etc - was not needed. No sir. You have to decide what you want to do, and then you can set parameters etc. Everyone knows that parameters are only set once you are on the bike, but stopped.

Er - no. Not a good idea.

Then, you have registered for an event on the Companion App, you’re ready to go and excited, you see the event in question on the top right side - but you can’t select that, if you do it will actually drop you off the event. You can select another event instead - probably will pick the wrong category to ride in at the same time. If you do want to ride in the event you have registered for, you have to do the extremely logical thing: say “GO!” on riding somewhere unrelated to your event, and know that the app will load the wrong world, wake up, realize you’re in the wrong place, and then send you where you are supposed to go. I mean, why, on the page where you select what you want to do, would you be given the option of saying “i want to do what I registered for”? That would be way too logical.

Ok, rant over. I heard rumors of a UI refresh - don’t hesitate. Go ahead. Please. Once you have a prototype, take someone who has never used your product, and make that person test it. See if they can figure it out.

Spend a few hundred dollars on someone to review (redo) the French translation while you’re at it.

I couldn’t agree more. This UI and the game, in general, is so incredibly confusing to anyone, noob or not, it becomes pointless at times. I would love to set parameters without being in the game, which means being home - set in advance remotely via browser or companion app, then when I’m home and ready to ride, bang, just go. It’s absolutely maddening to have to connect to the trainer and faff about balancing on the bike to get the settings right.


Just joined and tend to agree. Not sure why I have to go into a ride to change my jersey. Also, if you go past the login screen and then decide you actually didn’t want to do that and want to go back, well there’s no button for that…? You must first go forward into a ride or each and then you can go back. :confused:


Hands down the worst UI/UX I have seen in a long time. They really need to take a step back from bubble fonts and clouds, and spend more time actually plotting the user flows. I’m looking forward to a competitor that simply focuses on ease of use. :disappointed:


+1, I like Zwift but come on : UI is trash :face_vomiting:
Also, having the ability the join back a race after a crash is a must have, in particular when you charge customers 15€/month :rage:


Join back for a group ride, yes.

But where do you want to join back in a race? There can happen so much in the time you need to restart… Imagine you are in the race, started an attack and somebody joins back to you in this moment (perhaps because he was near to you before) - do you really want this feature???
No, thanks, not for me!


Where ? Where you got disconnected would be fair i guess.
You sure lose some time, say a minute or two, but at least you can finish the race, and when avaiable : get a road badge, a finisher kit and so on …

This applies not only to races : when you do a solo über pretzel and your game / device crashes just before the end, AdZ to get lightweight and same issue happens … well IMHO you should be able to get back to where you were before the incident.


Ok, that would be fair - but the race is over for you.

For me is Zwift more a training tool, not so much interest in badges, kits, etc.
Just FYI - was Zwifting for 2 winters, level 30 now - had one crash in Watopia with old GPU - GT 730. Upgraded to GTX 1650 last year, no crash ever. Win 10, Zwift and ZC App (Android), always up to date.
And to be honest - did not zwift after the September update, many users reporting crashes Win 10 now.

Ride on!

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Don’t hold your breath @Robert_C the crappy UI has been the most voted for issue for the past 5 years and yet they keep on adding flowers and traffic lights and spectators and clouds and all sorts of other rubbish. But luckily if you like the gamification aspect (which most users do) of the app then it is very easy to fix - just withhold membership fees for 1 month and voila, they listen. Unfortunately for this to work a critical mass needs to participate, which as we all know won’t happen because people, in general, are suckers for bad service.


You then didn’t mention the fact that you have to quit the application and re-start the whole program in order to start another ride,
That you don’t have an overview of the rides / badges that you have completed, even not when selecting a ride and that there is basically no support via social media (To be honest, I was actually surprised that I got a reply on my last tweet… while other before where completly ignored, how’s that for customer service)

With the new capital injection I really hope Zwift will finally listen to their end users

(I guess the fact that your topic has 1,2K views and only 15 votes also makes clear that people can’t figure out how to vote)


There are 1273 votes, 367 postings for this request:

But sure there are many who don’t know how to vote, othervise it would be many more :smiley: :grinning: :grinning:

My post was addressing this sentence:
(I guess the fact that your topic has 1,2K views and only 15 votes also makes clear that people can’t figure out how to vote)
I think the most users here in forums know how to vote.

But how many users are here?
I read somewhere there are 3 millions Zwift accounts. Don’t know if it is true, but let’s say it is “only” 1 million active users - who cares about 1237 (or less) votes?

IIRC there’s a new UI update coming soon! :wink: :smiley:

ducks and runs for cover


Just around the corner! :rofl:


what has it been… 13 or 14 months since it was announced?