Feedback on the UI

I have just started using Zwift and I am really enjoying it. So far I have found the UI very nonintuitive which detracts from what could be an incredible experience - maybe I am missing something

  1. Lack of training material to show how to use the interface - unless I am looking in the wrong place and my findings below are due to lack of finding UI instructions
  2. I select a route no idea where it starts and ends or when it pops up to choose a direction which I should select
  3. When riding a route no idea how much I have completed or how long to go until the route is complete - this would be very handy maybe I am missing a setting since this should be a basic feature
  4. A better display of elevation would be good I use a tablet a bit in front of me since I ride rollers I cant have it too close
  5. I am unsure what is unlocked as I move up the levels a clear map would help with motivation

Anyone else find the UI pretty poor?

Hi Graham,

I think your points are all fair, and things which hopefully Zwift will cover off soon.

Until then, external (Zwift-supported) platforms like are your best resource for learning about these kind of things.

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Hi Graham,

  1. Have you watched the instruction videos that are available? How To Videos for Cycling | Zwift
    If you don’t find them useful goole search specific questions you might have or check out loads of info available on YouTube.
  2. I do remember this being weird when I first started using Zwift, but you will soon learn the routes. It’s really nice when new routes become available and you don’t know what’s coming around the corner so I’d say enjoy where you are. If doing a preset route, which it sounds like you are, you never need to choose a direction. It will automatically route you where you need to go. The ability to change direction comes in to it’s own when you know where the turnings will take you and you want to make up your own route.
  3. When selecting the route it tells you the full distance. You can simply deduct the distance ridden from the known full length to know how much remains. The reason why the feature you mention doesn’t exist is because so many of us make up our own routes, turns to go where we want.
  4. Not sure what you mean here? The gradient in the top right corner works for me.
  5. Enjoy the surprises, it won’t take long until you have what you want and visiting the garage isn’t such a big deal.
    As Paul R said Zwift insider is the best resource for all details on routes, how things work, unlocks, best wheels / frames etc. etc.

Ride on!

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Zwift has the worst interface out of any software I use. It feels like it should be free, or in alpha.

There are some alternatives that I would like to try out in the future, but this whole category of games seems to be overpriced for what you get. As I see it, the only saving grace for Zwift is currently the community.

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Yesterday I did a race on my iPad for the first time and I entered the wrong category, (it could have been easier to pick (and larger to view on a 13" iPad), you just have to keep clicking until it circles your category of choice) I thought I clicked it correctly but apparently not, probably just user error.

My real issue is to fix this problem I have to exit my ride, delete it, repair my sensor, and go through the whole process again. Why does it need to be so difficult to select a category?

Everyone should use the Companion app to manage the events they want to participate in (or not). The other options for doing so are vastly inferior.


I agree the more I use it the more I dislike the UI everything else I love just wish they had put effort into a decent UI

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