The New Intersection "Enhancement"

Just my suggestion…go back to the original GUI where Zwift shows the intersections coming up rather than having to click to view them. The fewer the clicks, the better. When using the companion app, I have to look down and click the other arrow(s) to decide where I want to go? That might not be efficient. File this under, if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.

I’ve said this elsewhere, but I also find the new UI less usable. There used to be a nice large progress bar showing how long is left until the turn option disappears. That has been replaced by a thin circle, and for me it’s significantly harder to see the progress. I’m a little colour blind, admittedly, but accessibility should be built in to the game. Even with various colour blindness options, it seems daft to me to make any part of the game harder to use.

I like parts of the new turns UI, such as putting a name on the section - I remember when I first started using Zwift and wasn’t familiar with the map; it wasn’t great fun trying to work out where I was turning based on a picture of a bridge or something else I didn’t recognise!

However I agree that requiring you to use the mouse in order to open up the extra options is a pain, especially for someone like me who’s bike isn’t right next to their PC. I’d use the companion app, but it runs down my phone battery something chronic (from 90% to 20% in one hour!)

@Steven_Robinson: I have a keyboard on my handle bar, you can use the left and right buttons on the keyboard to change direction.

I can reach my keyboard, but not my mouse. Left/right arrows will work, but not to expand the selection to see them all.

As somebody who doesn’t Zwift frequently, I always struggled to understand which icon represented which path. Sometimes the icon image didn’t match what it was supposed to be representing. I like this change but do think it could be improved.

Yeah, I think the addition of the text is great. Just not the rest of it.

I just press left and right to see where the road is going. Also a Bluetooth keyboard with trackball is very handy for Zwift.

What will also be nice is a button to bring up a full screen map. I use the map on a second screen and it improve the zwift experience a lot.