Better Navigation aids

Navigating courses and routes. I love the new words added to the navigation turn icons for the intersections. But they only help a little and what I’d like to see is an interactive map (full screen by hotkey or button) that shows all of the nav points (“Italian Villas”, or "Ice Rink: etc) and my current location on the map. That way I can check to see where I’m at and how to get where you want to go. I love NYC, but got “lost” a couple of times going around in circles until I lucked on a turn and got back the perimeter road.


Sounds like a plan. I’ve seen things like “Baseball Field” and “Horse Carriages” and they’re almost useless for orientation because I don’t actually know where they are.

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Same here, orientation is realy difficult…

I use the maps from on a second monitor makes Zwift a lot more fun. has maps that you can buy or download.

Companion app running on an iPad fixes this issue …used in concert with PC desktop it’s stellar