Companion App Map/Dashboard Displays Leader/Robopacer Time

For Zwift races and robopacer group rides, it would be great if the Companion app’s Map and Dashboard displayed the time ahead/behind. This information can be obtained from the Zwifters tab, but navigating that list can be tricky and distracting when at effort. Placing it on the Map or Dash tab makes perfect sense as that is where we spend the majority of our time.

Oh yeah, make Zwift accessible for the blind, too.

that’s true. Sometimes the time shown on the screen, but it’s way better when it’s on the companion app. I am visual imoaired myself. May i ask you somthing? How do you select your routes and workouts? Normally I use screen magnification, but I turn it of when I’m zwifting. Now someone else have to select a route for me.
I know that rouvy has the possibility to select a route in the companion app. I am intereseted in how you do it on Zwift.

If you are on iOS, VoiceOver’s Screen Recognition provides me with the ability to interact with the various Zwift screens. Keep in mind that this functions as an OCR of the screen, and will not always be accurate. Additionally, many of the icon-based buttons, like those at the top of the screen will just be announced as button, so it comes down to memorizing what most of the buttons do, and then swiping and counting over to find the correct button. For example, selecting free rides from the world map is 3 over from the top right, and the garage is 2-3 over from the left or last button in the menu. This is not a precise or perfect science, but at least it enables me as a totally blind person to interface with a major portion of the screens on Zwift. As a caveat, the screen recognition works the best on an iPad due to layout and size vs an iPhone. I have not been able to replicate with any solutions available for any other OS.

ah oke. I use Zwift on a windows PC and the companion app on an android smartphone. It’s easy to use the companion app with magnificaiton for me. But I turn of the screen magnification for the windows pc. Because it will conflict when I start zwift.
For me is the biggest issue to select a route or workout. After that I can control zwift with the companion app.

Are you using the default Windows Magnifier or a 3rd party solution, i.e. Freedom Scientific ZoomText, Magic, NVDA, or other option? Just asking to understand the potential conflict and identify potential solutions. While I personally believe Zwift possesses the technical resources within its development team to create the appropriate solutions for low vision and other visual enhancements, i.e. dark mode, text size options, and various other basic UI adjustments, my hope is to see if there is enough of us blind and low vision folks in here to be able to approach say Freedom Scientific to see what it would take for them to create accessibility scripts or engage with the open source scripters who work on NvDA.

For the others following the thread, there is a strong interest amongst the blind and low vision cyclists of the world looking for alternatives to Trainer Road. Unfortunately the Zwift’s interface lacks accessibility options for us to use our assistive technologies, i.e. screen magnifiers and readers to fully and freely engage in the wonderful community within Zwift. There are many requests of this nature for Zwift to become more accessible, with options ranging from creating an accessibility overlay solution that many mainstream apps and console games have implemented to create an accessible UI with simple keyboard controls similar to what is available in-game to the longer road of establishing an universal designed interface. Yes, I have contacted Zwift and their research team that has a standing questionnaire for us blind folks to sign up for future design research studies. However our community has been fed this line fince roughly 2021-2022 and no additional feedback has been provided.

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