Minimal UI

Hi, been using a few times now and really liking it. In the options i see there is a an option for “minimal UI” but its greyed out and I can’t select it. I want to only display minimal info, like only for myself. I don’t care about all the other riders info on the ride and feel it clutters the screen, should I be able to select this “minimal ui” option or is it normal?

You can’t select it because the feature hasn’t been implemented yet. It’s coming, though :slight_smile:

Ah ok, good to know. Thanks for replying :slight_smile:

Will it work like traineroad, where your data is at the bottom of the screen but you can watch TV/movies or a scenic ride?


Eric, any news on this front?

It can be done by editing the prefs very easily, see

But there are some limitations like with the Zwift Mobile Link app (ZML) you are unable to make turns left or right (only turn around) - so you have to be more diligent about choosing which course to ride because “free ride” is not so easy.  Or just embrace whatever random route Zwift picked for you and pray it doesn’t take you to the antenna station 9x.  Also, it doesn’t seem to show you the riders around you in the ZML user list. Which is pretty darn annoying when you want to throw a Ride On to the bloke who just passed you. You have to hope you saw his label in the 3 seconds he was near/behind you, then search for him on the top level page in ZML etc. You also can’t get to the menu to change your kit while in this mode.

Still it’s great to just “go for a ride” without all the UI clutter, it’s more like being out on the road, esp. if you are on a quiet map. Personally I felt like, “Yeah this is why I go riding…”

Thanks Duke,

Yeah, I had seen some information on hacking it, but as you said … it breaks other things. Since we had an official “Yet” from the staff over a year ago, thought this might be close to proper implementation.