Turning with MINIMAL_UI

I’ve been using the MINIMAL_UI tag and paired with ZML it’s great as the 3D world fills the entire screen.

I know this feature is not officially supported but here’s a cheeky request anyway:

It appears that turns are suppressed when using MINIMAL_UI, that they don’t appear on the screen didn’t surprise me but they didn’t appear in ZML either nor did pressing the arrow keys at the right spot. 

Could turning at junctions be turned back on for MINIMAL_UI? As it’s a very good feature but just has this one problem.


Good point Mark, I would like the same option.

Everything is suppressed when you go with minimal UI. No chat, no menus, no nothing. It even disables the chat in ZML.  Kind of makes it un useable.

I look forward to HUD changes. There are so many things that can be done to improve the Zwift experience.

I don’t mind that it disables everything on the main screen - that’s kind of the point - but it shouldn’t in turn disable options in ZML! It’s actually quite nice riding with nothing on the screen except the environment and use ZML like a cycle computer, but not if it’s removing my option to turn :frowning:

It´d be great if workout info (target watts, time, etc…) was shown on the ZML when using Minimal_UI as well.

It is quite surprising how primitive the HUD is. Many improvements have been implemented so far, but the lack of customization here is frustraiting.