ZML 2.1.0 (Android) - Turn Buttons/Map Page Data Screen

Running ZML 2.1 on a Moto G/Android 7.0:

In addition to the audible message notifications indicated below, two other points:

  1. intermittently, the map screen quits showing cadence or HR (power still shown, but the cadence line disappears and HR reads something like “6” (computer screen shows correct values, so not a dropout issue))

  2. NO TURN BUTTONS. After a group ride this AM, I carried on for a cool down, but when the turn indication appear on the computer screen: nothing on ZML (either the dashboard or the map page, both of which were functioning normally as best as I could tell), on the map page with the wee little buttons for “toast”, “elbow flick”, etc (all of which are long deprecated?): even swiped to the left with no joy. 

What gives?

Same issue here - I have raised a ticket – when the HRM and RPM fields are ending with a 6 rather than a 1 the text does not fit and wraps into the line below … i.e a cadence of “101” will fit but with a cadence of “106” the text is too wide to fit and wraps onto a second line so displays “10” and a “6” on the line below … and hides the other fields that were below it .,  so hopefully a quick fix … Im using a Moto G5, 

I noticed the same issue with the new iOS release.

  • for buttons (both “arrows” and additional panel with)

Speaking about the panel with buttons, I would reorganize these: button with “flywaight”, “car”, etc should be on the top.

Hi everyone,

We’re aware of some ZML issues in the latest update. There is a few fixes coming soon.

Thanks for your patience!