Zwift 10/2 Update Feedback




Thank you very much for the latest update of Zwift (mobile), which contains lots of good stuff! :slight_smile:


Nevertheless, a feedback should contain the elements, that could be improved. So here we go:


1.) The dashboard in the map view in the app on my Android phone seems to have some trouble with the fonts. Sometimes the rpm and/or the heartrate will cause a line feed on the last digit, thereby pushing the lower line with the small fonts (distance, time, etc.) out of view. So, it looks somewhat like this:


10 rpm     14 HR


6                 2


2.) I would like to be able to slide left and right through the different pages (map, dashboard, other riders etc.). It would be much easier, than having to go to the menu button in the upper left corner for every change.

2a.) This would also facilitate the change of a page when your upper screen is being overloaded with group messages and you can hardly tap the menu button in the upper left.

Did I miss the option where to deselect the message popup in the app? Would be nice. Or how about swiping the messages away - just like everybody is used to in WhatsApp and alike?


3.) One thing, that really made me annoyed yesterday, was the unintended skip of a training block (actually I did the mistake twice!) by accidently hitting the “skip block” button on the map page, when I was scrolling through the options in the lower screen (“bell”, “nice”, “ride on” etc. callouts). That ruined a hard 20-minute interval, just because I skipped the last two minutes. :frowning:


You should build in a confirmation just like with the “stop” or “reverse” button, that has to be pushed for a certain time to enable the change. By the way - these two (stop/reverse) can still be undone, whereas a skipped block is lost for sure…


4.) Staying with the lower menu on the maps page, I am not convinced of the design. I am not 100% sure, how to improve this, but it is so far away from everything, that it is unlikely, I will use the “nice” calls and others, as much as I used to.


Maybe a button (on every page? – or at least on the “riders nearby?), that opens an onscreen menu and is easily closeable again, might be a solution?


5.) It would be much easier, if the rider’s achievements (training finished, new PR, etc.), that came with the previous update, would also appear in the “riders nearby” list in the app. This will most likely increase the number of “ride ons” sent.


At the moment it is rather complicated, to look at the screen of my desktop PC, to see the rider’s name, skip to the “riders nearby” list, recall the name, enter the rider’s menu and send a “ride on”.


Maybe, a “ride on” button in the app, close to the rider’s name, that appears after an achievement (just like in the PC program), would make it even better!


6.) On more thing about the menu on the lower screen of the map view: When within a training, the FTP up/down buttons as well as skip block etc., overwrite other options, such as the bell, the elbow flick, wave, etc. As the menu has been redesigned, there is no longer the need to do so. There should be enough space to display all options, even when in training mode.


7.) When exiting the app on the mobile phone, and then returning to it, it would be nice to return to the previously selected page (dashboard, map, etc.), instead of the home menu.


8.) When you follow somebody during a ride from within the app, the rider will not appear as being followed in the ride report after the ride. Instead, the option to follow will still appear beside the name.


Keep up the good work!


Great update to mobile link, as above numbers go missing on heart rate display. Map should move as rider progresses rather than having to scroll, but otherwise a good upgrade, thanks for all the work you all do.

i really agree with you on all of these.

nr 3 almost made me throw my phone into my pc monitor when i skipped a huge chunk of my workout due to swiping that button trying to scroll


i have made a specific feature request for a seperate buttons menu (like we had before)

Thanks for the latest update of Zwift (mobile), now all controls in 1 place. However I noticed it consumed a lot of my iPhone battery from 100% to 58% in an hour ride. The last version will at most consume 20~25% in an hour ride. Please help to look into this. Appreciated all the great work so far!