Why is the user interface so painful?

(Zach Johnston) #1

Im new to Zwift, and I absolutely adore it (I went full in with the Cyclops bundle and 1 year subscription).

But what strikes me every time is the user interface has very poor QOL…I dont want to have to log in, start a ‘ride’ and then click yet another button just to pull up the menu to edit my rider’s appearance. I should be able to do all of this on the main page before I even begin to start riding.

Again, I love Zwift but this is sort of an irritating setup that doesnt make much sense to have.

Mark kit as "favourite" and add filters
(Paul Allen) #2

I would like to see the ability of rider customization done on the website or the ZCA.

(Daren Chandisingh [Vision]) #3

And even when you do that, finding the jersey you are looking for can itself be a chore. They’re in no discernible order, scrolling through them is frustrating and they’re not searchable or orderable.

Just fixing that UI would be a great step forwards. Being able to do it on the website or Companion app too would also be useful.