How do you turn around now?

After the latest update I can not turn around. I used to tap my IPad screen and it would give me a menu of options at the bottom of the screen. This is no longer working. Any help is appreciated.

I tried u-turns a couple of times this last week, it felt more cumbersome that before on my Android mobile running Zwift. I had to tap to bring the action bar up; tap the u-turn button; I think the action bar then disappeared; I had to bring it up again; tap the u-turn button and then my avatar turned around.

When you tap your screen you should see a small slender horizontal bar show up at the bottom of your screen. Tap on that bar and the menu you’re use to seeing should pop up.

Yeah I had this problem too, didn’t notice that now the menu doesn’t show up until you press the thin white bar at the bottom of the iPad screen. I bet that change threw a few people for a loop.

Yep, Zwift have messed up the UI / UX. Hopefully they release a fix via patch asap.

Now that I know the new UX is there, I tried it again today, and it was much more of a pain to use than the previous UX - particularly near the end of a workout. This UX change is a “feature” for iPad users that makes getting the Zwift Play controllers more useful since those wouldn’t be as painful as dealing with the small hit target, so maybe it’s not something they’re going to be that excited to fix. That said, it’s clearly harder to do a u-turn now via the iPad touchscreen, so I do hope they fix that.

Thanks to all who answered this post. I finally had a day to get back on zwift and I had to touch the screen multiple times to get the turnaround symbol to appear. It seems this is something they are working on but there is no real clear cut solution. Keep tapping the screen and hope the right menu appears. Again, thanks for the help and comments.

The way it seems to work for me is that I can bring up the options by touching the area where they appear once you pop them up (the middle part of the bottom of the screen); anywhere else, it just brings up the menu button. I would guess that the hot zone is roughly the middle of the bottom 20% or so; whatever it is, it’s definitely annoying.