no dashboard in mobile app

Hi, when log in to Zwift app on my mobile the dashboard isn’t showing. I have logged out of Zwift on laptop and logged back in, ditto for phone and even re-installed the app and still no joy. It shows on tablet when try it with that. Phone and laptop are definitely on same wifi, can anyone help?

What do you mean by dashboard?

the options to view ride, do the actions buttons etc, the option that should be under the “home” option in menu


Those are on the Zwift Mobile Link, not the Zwift app.

yes, it is the Zwift mobile link i mean, the app on my phone

Did the Zwift app on your computer and the ZML on your phone ever connect?

Ok, start over and please let me know what you are trying to do. Are you trying to control your rides on the laptop using the Zwift Mobile Link? Are the laptop and the phone getting IP addresses on the same subnet?

yes, i am trying to use the zwift mobile link app on my phone to interact with my rides via laptop. The phone and laptop are on same wifi link. I can get the app to work on my tablet to interact with ride, but not on ym phone, a samsung s7

Put the phone in Airplane mode and just turn on WiFi and see if it connects

no, tried on my wife’s phone and that is the same, but works fine on my tablet

Is the ZML up to date? Also log out of the ZML close the app and open it back up and log back into it and see if it connects.

yes, it’s the newest ZML from google play store.

Coud it be the version installed on my copmuter?

You could try updating that but your tablet connects

it shows on phone app that i am zwifting now, but wont bring up map/dashboard etc in menu

still no joy, tried everything i can think of

I’m going through the exact same thing. Zwift works perfect. XML installed on phone as of yesterday so up to date. ZML says I’m shifting and shows nearby riders. But no access to Actions or dashboard

odd that i can get it to work on an old tablet but not new smasung s7 or s8 phones,

Alan I’m having the same issue with a Galaxy S7 as well. I haven’t tried an older phone yet. Are you stuck on the screen that shows nearby riders? No Action screen?

Hi, yes that’s it. Can see events, who’s zwifting the now, everything really but the actions screen and map. It even shows in my activities that I am currently on zwift and doing an activity, but cannot interact with it

That’s exactly what my phone is doing. Activities showing up as I do them but no controls, no other pages. I’m going to try an older phone