Mobile App

(Yama Karim) #1

I have just set up Zwift with a band new PC and all. Seems like all is in order except:
Can you choose rides/courses, programs etc or do you have to go through some trial runs first? If trials should you be rested or at least not beat up from over training?
The other question I have is can I control this app which is installed on my desktop with a mobile device such as a Galaxy Note 3 or ipad? If so, please provide some guidance.
Thank you in advance,

(Brian Hill) #2

There is an android app available - just search in the Google Play Store for Zwift. It will allow you to interact in the game via your phone (as long as your PC & phone are connected to the internet via the same WiFi or wired network.

There is only one course at the moment… Zwift Island.

(darren richards KISS (C)) #3

How do you get the mobile app linked in?
I can get it running, but all it shows is a list of riders.
How do I control the computer app with the mobile app?
What are the limitations of the mApp?
Can I send messages on the mApp?

Thanks for any answers.

(Dana Kaczmarek) #4

Hi! I have the same problem: can’t get the app fully running on my Galaxy S4. Is my Phone not compatible with this app? I only see the list of riders. Both laptop and phone are on the same wifi. Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks a lot for you help!